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Digital Marketing for One Man and Micro Businesses

As a micro business owner, it can be very difficult to choose how best to part with your hard-earned money.  It’s important to strike the right balance between growing your business and supporting your personal financial commitments.  As a direct result of this its very difficult to make any sensible marketing decisions. Your business is always in a state of flux.  How can you take the time to figure out exactly what you need to do to promote your business?

And realistically, where are you getting your advice from?  Who do you know who really understands marketing and what you need to do to generate leads for small businesses?

It’s not magic.  Understanding sales & marketing is a much a teachable skill as any other trade.  Understanding the marketplace and purchasing advertising in the most valuable locations is a sure fire of making sure that marketing works for you.

The people who I know who run their own business are always rushing around and sorting stuff for their customers.  What always seems to slip is their commitment to sorting all the admin. Whether that’s the bills or the website or some other frustrating obstacle that’s stealing their time, it tends to get pushed to one side.

I get that.  I run my own business, I know exactly how it feels.  The bit that I’m not sure people realise, is that once you get your marketing right then you’re laughing.

A lack of sales is the only major issue for any micro business.  Generating inbound sales enquiries to whatever scale gives every business the opportunity to grow.

Let’s say you’re a tradesman; a builder.  If someone goes onto Google looking for a builder and you’re not there then you’re not getting the job.  But what if you were there?

What if your website was designed to appeal to your customers?  What if all the words and pictures were specifically put there to increase the chances of the customer calling you with an enquiry?

Advertising works. Branding works. Making sensible business decisions regarding growth and marketing works.

Businesses who market themselves effectively do generate leads.  More leads equal more choices. specialises in generating return on investment through smart digital marketing solutions.  We advertise your business in front of the best target market for what you’re selling. There’s nothing you can buy off the shelf and you spend whatever you want to spend.  There are no contracts so if it doesn’t work then don’t do it.

Everything we do is totally bespoke.  Every business is different, so every marketing solution is different.  We just need to speak to you and we can come up with a plan. The whole point of what we do is for you to get more phone calls and emails from people wanting to buy from you.

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Adam ‘Geordie’ Tallack – Managing Director