Digital Marketing for decision makers in SMEs

From a marketing perspective, when was the last time your tried to understand who your customers are? How are your new customers finding out about your services?  Could you be missing opportunities to acquire important new customers?

Do you have a marketing strategy? Have you considered the different platforms that you can promote your services, and do you have staff skilled in generating leads online?

Owners of SME business that I know tend to be already spending a marketing budget of some description.  Its likely that they will have people employed whose job it is to generate sales. They usually have a website and they’ve probably passed the responsibility of it to someone who understands the technical, IT aspect of websites.  The website marketing often tends to get forgotten.

A website used as a brochure is a fantastic sales tool that will generate sales, leads and enquiries if promoted in an effective way.

What if your website was designed to appeal to your customers?  What if all the words and pictures were specifically put there to increase the chances of the customer calling you with an enquiry?

Advertising works. Branding works. Making sensible business decisions regarding growth and marketing works.

Businesses who market themselves effectively do generate leads.  More leads equal more choices. can manage marketing campaigns across a full range of online and offline platforms.  A business review will allow us to fully understand your key goals and targets and to implement a fully customisable marketing strategy designed to increase your sales.

Everything we do is totally bespoke.  Every business is different, so every marketing solution is different.  We just need to speak to you and we can come up with a plan. The whole point of what we do is for you to get more phone calls and emails from people wanting to buy from you.

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Adam ‘Geordie’ Tallack – Managing Director