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Bespoke Marketing Solutions – Clever marketing solutions in the UK

Bespoke – Made to order

Marketing – The business of promoting and selling products and services

Solutions – A means of solving problems

At when we consider marketing, we think about being ‘found’ and ‘chosen’.

Every purchasing decision revolves around being found and chosen.  Why do we buy the things that we buy?

What we do at is to identify the most cost-effective way to increase your inbound sales enquiries.

Some businesses employ a marketing team and this team are responsible for understanding why their customers choose to be their customers.  What are the key components of product, price, place and promotion that will influence the decision for your customers to buy from you?

30 years ago it was easy to market a small business.  Let’s say you were a plumber. All you needed to do was to buy a big advert in the Yellow Pages.  Call yourself aaaaaLocal Plumbers and you got the first slot. Guess what happened when someone needed their sink unblocked.

Today’s market is more complex, the internet has changed the way we buy. It’s logical to suggest that the internet enables us to ‘buy better’ but how much have we considered its power to help us ‘sell better’.  Regardless of your industry, your customers are all walking around with the internet in their pocket all day every day.

Think about the market leaders in your sector who can dominate the market.  It’s easy to think that they achieve so much profit that they can afford to advertise on TV, or on national radio for example.

But advertising works right?  We know this. Think how excited people get when the new Christmas adverts first air on TV.

Advertising can make a huge difference to your sales.  Marketing a product effectively can have a massive impact   We know the story of why Santa Claus wears red don’t we? It’s all down to Coca Cola isn’t it?  They showed Santa wearing red on their promotions and now Santa wears red. Well, it’s not true apparently but it’s believable isn’t it? 

Here’s another story, this one is true.  In 1938 the saturated diamond market was suffering from a lack of sales and turned to Madison Avenue, the home of US advertising.  De Beers needed a bespoke marketing solution



The next time you look at a diamond, consider this. Nearly every American marriage begins with a diamond because a bunch of rich white men in the 1940s convinced everyone that its size determines your self-worth. They created this convention — that unless a man purchases (an intrinsically useless) diamond, his life is a failure — while sitting in a room, racking their brains on how to sell diamonds that no one wanted.With this insight, they began marketing diamonds as a symbol of status and love

– Rohin Dhar


Considering that the diamond industry was able to implement a bespoke marketing solution that has hoodwinked generations of rich, successful people it must be believable that small businesses are able to promote their products and services to people who want to buy them.

By taking the time to analyse your business; your key strengths and your big challenges can make your phone ring.  We can even make your email ping.

All we do is to make sure that you have the best chance of being found and chosen by your target audience.  We could get lost in the platforms, we could deliberate whether your CTR is good or whether your traffic to lead ratios are competitive.  What we prefer to do is to get your phone ringing. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional return on investment through targeted, compelling marketing campaigns that make people who want what you do to find you and choose you.

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