Cash Flow Optimisation

One of the key areas that can help our customers is with Cash Flow Optimisation.

What this basically means is that we can help you to save money on things that you’re already buying.

Let’s say were able to analyse your bills for stationery, utilities, advertising, marketing, insurance etc and were able to save you £100 per month.  That would be a good thing wouldn’t it?

All our customers are SME and micro businesses and we find that most businesses have similar challenges to do with a lack of time and a lack of money.

A common reason we hear from our clients is that they know they could get a better deal on their insurance or they know they could get a better deal on their stationery, but they just don’t have the time to make it a reality.  It’s easier to just keep paying the premiums and not waste time thinking about saving the pennies. These pennies add up quickly and a pound saved is just as useful as a pound earned. The pounds saved can move your business into growth or accelerate your speed of growth.

We want to give you more time and more money, the idea is that if we can save you time and money then you’ll want to re-invest some of those savings into our marketing solutions.

One customer we helped last year was able to save on average £120 per month (£1440 annually) and this money was able to be reinvested into Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

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