Display Marketing

Display Marketing for SME and micro businesses

Display Marketing is any type of advertising where your advert appears in front of people who didn’t ask for it. The easiest way to think about Display is that it’s not Search.

With Search Marketing, the customer knows what they want, or at least thinks they know.  Display Marketing is putting your promotion ‘on display’. In terms of platforms, this could be anything.  Where have you seen brands advertised? TV, radio, newspapers, on the side of buses, all over the internet when the ads follow you around after you’ve been looking at something.

Different platforms require different content.  If you were advertising a new film through TV advertising, you’d need a different campaign to advertise the same film on the side of a bus.  This means that design and content play a big role in maximising the effectiveness of display advertising. If your advert isn’t appealing, people aren’t going to want to engage with your promotion.



During our business review wecanmakeyourphonering.com tries to gain an understanding as to why you think your customers buy from you.  Once we understand this we can give you a range of options as to how you can market your business.

Display Marketing online is great, we can track everything.  We know if a campaign isn’t delivering within days of it going live and can stop it.  Newspaper advertising doesn’t have that luxury, once it’s printed there’s no going back.

We try to take a logical approach to solving a problem that most businesses face.  Our prospects tell us ‘I want to advertise my business and get more sales, but I don’t want to lose money’.

A sure-fire way to lose money is with bad display marketing.  Look in any local free newspaper, you’ll see bad advertising. You’ll see businesses who have spent money advertising and not put enough thought into what they’re hoping to achieve from the advert.

How to Avoid Bad Choices in Display Marketing?

It all starts with your customers.  What do your customers want to know?  Why do you think that your customers buy from you?  Once we know what your customers want to see wecanmakeyourphonering.com creates content that delivers that message.

For example, if you have a special offer or an event available then we identify who would be the target audience and create content that meets the criteria.

Smart Display Marketing enables businesses of any size to create the brand and image they desire, control the narrative and promote their content to targeted audiences.

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