Search Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is buying advertising space online based on the keywords typed in the search engine.

If you’re a plumber, you can buy the advert for ‘plumbers near me’ and your website comes up at the top of Google.  If the user clicks on your advert it costs money, if they don’t then it doesn’t.  So, the general idea is that if your website looks good enough then some of these people are going to ring you and you’ll get more work.

There are things we can do to optimise the effectiveness of your advert and manage your campaigns to maximise your chances of being clicked on.



SEM can be a very effective way for small businesses to reach new customers, increase revenues and reduce sales costs.

SEM and social marketing can work in tandem to increase brand awareness and sales. With regards to being found and chosen, a positive strategy is to run search and display campaigns simultaneously on different platforms.  Consider someone is looking for a service you provide.  They keep seeing your brand/logo/testimonials when they’re browsing social media, even if they’re seeing it subconsciously.  When they do perform a search on Google, their eyes will be drawn to your advert.  They recognise your brand, they have an intrinsic feeling of familiarity and trust towards you and are therefore more inclined to click.

Finding and choosing are the problems we are looking to solve.  Search engine marketing is a simple, low cost way or helping you to be found.

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