Social Media Marketing

Clever social media for SME and micro businesses

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the big, bold title that refers to the promotion of a brand, product or service using social media platforms. help our customers to create the most appropriate brand image and then promote the key messages using the full range of social media platforms.

Social Media can provide a fantastic online shop window for your business as well as easy access to a warm list of potential new customers.


We have clients who are great at proactively showcasing their work on Facebook.  Every time they do a job they take photos and upload them onto their Facebook Business Page.

Not only does it mean that they generate leads from new prospects seeing the content, but it means that they think more about their Facebook page.  In customer appointments their phone comes out and they can sell their service based on the images of previous jobs.

Just like the old travelling salesman’s big catalogue of products, social media can be a way for you to generate new leads or close leads by using it as a brochure.

Social Media Marketing will have a positive impact on a business.  Even just having social media linked to your website can improve your organic search position. can support you with all aspects of Social Media Marketing.  We’re happy to support you with Fully Managed campaigns, account creation or even just some free advice on what sort of content is going to be detrimental to your brand.

Our bespoke service means that we need to understand your business before we can make any recommendations so to book a FREE business review please click or call us on 0121 285 3380