Wecanmakeyourphonering.com are the bridge between the sponsee and the sponsor.  There are hundreds of thousands of events, clubs, associations, personalities, brands and causes that love sponsorship.  Premier League football clubs love sponsorship and so do children’s grassroots teams in all sports.

Businesses love brand awareness and building a rapport directly with their consumer base.

There are many benefits of being a sponsor

  •   Brand Awareness before, during and after the event.
  •   Target Market selection – appeal directly to your customers
  •   Increased reach when promoting the event due to promotion on multiple platforms and multiple locations in print and online.
  •   Build rapport through associated brands
  •   Events attract new markets.  Promote the event not the product.

Sponsorship for clubs, teams etc

Do you need a new sponsor?  Are the funds looking a bit depleted?  Wecanmakeyourphonering.com can help.

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